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Turkey or Chicken Lefse Wrap – It’s the Easiest Lunch for One or a Crowd!

This is so easy to make when you have leftovers from the big Turkey Day…or even with your favorite deep fried chicken tenders. Just roll up on a delicious round of Lefse (ditch the flour tortilla), with some of your favorite veggies, honey mustard sauce and a little mayo. And, you have a delicious and nutritious meal all tucked together in an easy wrap to eat with chips, fries and a soft drink.

This is a sandwich your kids can make out of leftovers and veggies. (Kids – eat your veggies!) Cut up the veggies very small and they won’t even notice them, especially when they add their favorite sauce. If they like jalapenos, toss some of them in, too.

Start with a round of your Grandma’s Lefse. (No store bought lefse in our house.) Chop the veggies into little straw shapes, cut up the chicken or turkey in strips and layer them all with cheese and honey mustard, or something even hotter, onto the lefse. Leave an area void of food at the bottom of the lefse. This will give you a folded bottom through which the sauce or juices cannot leak. Cutting the items into skinny strips will make them easier to layer and then to roll up the lefse sandwich wrap.

We are still lucky to have a lovely Aunt in her 80’s, who still makes lefse and remembers us during the holidays. Her recipe is generations old, passed down from one family to the next. Otherwise, there’s a local lefse factory in farm country near us that has delicious lefse. We avoid the lefse in the grocery stores since they are usually not fresh and moist. You can also get great tasting lefse at the local churches, even during their local lutefisk dinners.

My husband’s Mother and Norwegian Father taught us how to make lefse a number of years ago, but it is an exceptional amount of work to make just for two people. So, if you have some great tasting outlets like we do, it’s time to appreciate them.

This recipe serves one. For more, just multiply the amount of each item to make 2, 3 or more.

No pans to prep, just have a cutting board and sharp knife handy.

Gather up your Ingredients:

1 Lefse round, med-large

1 Cheese slice, your favorite

2 Chicken tenders, large, cut into strips

1 carrot, cleaned and sliced into straw shapes

1 slice onion

1 Lettuce leaf, rough chopped into strips

¼ Jalapeno, cleaned and cut into strips

1 T Mayo

1 T Honey mustard

4 Tomatoes, small grape

Salt and Pepper to taste

Two shakes of ground Sage, optional

Wrap up your sandwich:

- Clean and cut up your veggies. Cut into strips.

- Cut your chicken tenders or leftover turkey into strips.

- Lay the lefse round onto a small plate.

- Spread the mayo, if you choose to include it, over the lefse round.

- Layer the veggies and chicken tenders so they are all laid in the same direction, but leaving open spaces at the bottom and both sides.

- Drizzle the honey mustard over all.

- First fold up the bottom of the lefse.

- Then fold one side over and then fold other side over the top of the first.

- For more nutrition, lay the rest of the veggies that do not fit in the lefse wrap, on the plate alongside the wrap. That includes the tomatoes. I find they are easier to eat as a side instead of trying to fit them into the lefse wrap. I usually cut up too many carrot straws and enjoy them on the side, also.

- Hold it firmly to eat from the top, drizzling more sauce in over the top as you eat your wrap. Yum!!

- Enjoy with fries, kettle chips and a soda.

Set it up as a Charcuterie Board:

- This is a filling and nutritious meal that can be adapted to any finicky eater. Just sub different meats, cheeses, veggies and sauces to fit each person’s tastes.

- Simply set out the lefse rounds, cut-up meats, veggies, cheese strips and sauces onto a large cutting board so each person can make their own wrap. Make less work and more fun for everyone by having the bottles of sauce open for easy drizzling.


- If you are using large lefse rounds, a shareable option is to fold up the top and bottom after you’ve laid the goodies on it. Then fold one side in and fold the last side over the other. Pierce with a toothpick near the top and also near the bottom, to hold them together. Then slice it in half, at an angle, crosswise. There you have two nice sized wraps to share.

- Combine Lefse, mashed potatoes and gravy: How about wrapping your turkey leftovers with mashed potatoes, stuffing and green bean casserole? Drizzle with gravy and enjoy your second turkey dinner in a round of Lefse! I’ve done it, and it’s delicious! Add a side of cranberry sauce and you have a delish meal.

It’s good to have this type of easy sandwich in your list of recipes, to pull off when you’re entertaining for lunch, need something for at work or with the kids. Whatever you decide to include in your wrap, “Bake your own Memories!”

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