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Blueberry Double Crunch Grilled Brie Cheese Bagel Sandwich

Double up on the crunch of this Blueberry Double Crunch Grilled Brie Cheese Bagel Sandwich by grilling both sides of both bagel halves. Now, that's a double mouthful, in more ways than one. It is delish and easy to make!

I used to share jam “sammiches” with Gram when I was a little kid. She had the best homemade blueberry jam and we would slather it onto a thick piece of her fresh white homemade bread. Sometimes we would even cut the crusts off the bread and make tiny little sandwiches with her sweet blueberry jam folded up inside. Then she would then drop a teaspoon of blueberry jam into each of the hot cups of tea which sat on her matching saucers. (She loved matching Victorian cups and saucers, of which I still have a couple of those pretty little individual sets.) What sweet memories. 

So, I’ve dedicated this Blueberry Double Crunch Grilled Brie Cheese Bagel Sandwich to Gram and her little tea cup sets. Thanks for the wonderful memories, Gram.


I love the double crunch that double grilling gives to the slices of blueberry bagel. So, I grill both sides of each bagel slice before adding the cheese and jam in between the grilled surfaces. Like I said, it’s a wonderful double crunch sandwich.


But first if the bagel is really thick, cut it into 3 round slices and save the middle slice to use a later time. I use the two outside slices to make my Blueberry Double Crunch Grilled Brie Cheese Bagel Sandwich. It is definitely one of my favorite grilled sandwiches and makes for a full fruity breakfast or luncheon meal with that ooey gooey warm Brie cheese.

This recipe serves up one large grilled bagel to serve one or share it with another.


Prep the pan:

Heat up a medium sized fry pan on medium heat on your stovetop. I especially like to use my Gram’s heavy cast iron skillet. The 6” skillet is just the right size.


Blueberry Double Crunch Brie Cheese Bagel Sandwich Ingredients:

2 T Butter, softened

1 Blueberry bagel, sliced in 3 slices

2-3 T Brie cheese, softened

2 T Blueberry jam (I use my homemade jam)

1 T Blueberries, dried


Grill that Blueberry Double Crunch Brie Cheese Bagel Sandwich:

-Slice your bagel into 3 slices if it’s a thick one. Save the middle portion for another time, using the outer slices for this crispy sandwich.

-Spread soft butter on both sides of both slices of the bagel.

-Grill one side until golden brown.

-Flip the slices of bagel in the pan so the grilled sides are facing up and let the other side grill.

-Spread the softened Brie cheese on one bagel slice. If you don’t have Brie cheese on hand, a plain cream cheese or blueberry flavored cream cheese will also taste very good.

-Evenly spread the blueberry jam on top of the Brie.

-Sprinkle dried blueberries on top of the jam, or fresh if you like.

-Cover the top of the Brie and jam with the other bagel slice, placing a grilled side down.

-Grill on one side until golden brown, about 1-3 minutes.

-Flip the entire sandwich and grill the other side until golden brown, about 1-3 minutes.


Try some other flavors:

-I enjoy figuring out what other flavors to try with my inventive recipes. Here’s a perfect time to try this with a plain bagel or white homemade bread, strawberry flavored cream cheese and strawberry jam. It’s delicious and refreshing!

-Switch to Nutella or another similar brand of chocolate hazelnut spread. Try it with plain cream cheese instead of the Brie cheese and spread hazelnut and chocolate flavored spread on top. When It’s grilled the cheese and chocolate make a delicious combo.

-These are even good for a snack later when refrigerated after grilling. It makes for a tasty grab and go sandwich when cold.

-If you like honey on soft cheese, substitute the inside ingredients with cream cheese and toasted pecans. Drizzle it with honey. The honey and pecans give the sandwich a nice little crunch and an earthy flavor.


Get the kids involved and build a unique “sammich” together by trying some different flavors with your new Blueberry Double Crunch Brie Cheese Bagel Sandwich. It’s a fun way to share a meal with your Gram or others, and “Bake your own Memories!”

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