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Tired of Your Honey Getting Stuck?

First let's get this straight. I'm talking about honey out of the jar, that liquid gold...not my honey-hubby.

This is one of the simplest kitchen baking tips I've ever heard...and it's especially helpful during the holidays when we are using some of the stickier ingredients for baking like corn syrup, maple syrup, honey or molasses. This is the time of year we make more of those special desserts like pecan pie (using corn syrup), brown breads (honey), nut bars (maple syrup) and gingerbread cookies (molasses).

So many times during the holidays, I'm in a hurry, measuring quickly to get all the ingredients into the bowl for mixing and then baking that special pie or bars. When measuring out sticky liquids like honey or molasses, it's frustrating because it takes forever to for the all sticky liquid to drip out of the cup into the mixing bowl. Using a small spatula doesn't always help that much. And, I hate to waste anything as expensive as honey. I want every single drop to get into my baking mix. When I was complaining my frustration about it to one of my aunts many years ago, she told me the simplest tip I've ever heard!

She said she does it all the time:

Using a small pastry brush, spread a little oil on the entire inside of the measuring cup you'll be using for the sticky liquid. It doesn't need to be a lot. Just enough to cover the inside of the container.

Then pour the sticky honey or molasses into the measure container.

As you pour it into your mixing bowl, you'll see the sticky liquid slide right out of the cup. It's just like magic - every single drop goes into the mixing bowl. What a great tip! Try it.

This is a wonderful memory of my aunt. she had so many ideas for baking and preparing meals. So, whatever you're baking, think about the people who have been involved in sharing recipes with you, and "Bake your own Memories!"

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