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Everything Bagel Spice Mix - Make Your Own Homemade!

How many times have you wanted to use something like Everything Bagel Seasoning in your own cooking, on breads, chicken or burgers? Now you can with your own spice mix!

There are so many seasoning mixtures out there, but did you know you can create them for a lot less than purchasing the mix?

Everything Bagel Seasoning is one of them. I love this mixture, and I've even added some heat to it with red pepper flakes. It's delicious on bagels, it gives an extra bang to grill cheese sandwiches and burgers plus, it's pretty good on stuffed cheesy garlic toast or the oven version, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken, pork, French fries, potato wedges, chicken wings, hamburgers...just about anything when you want more flavors and spices.

Or, sprinkle it on pork chops after you've fried them on one side. Let the seasoning flavor your pork as the bottom layer fries. This seasoning adds a little punch to the flavor of your meat.

I don't add salt or pepper to this mix since the granules are so small and would concentrate away from the larger seasonings. You could end up with a large amount of salt without much of the other seasonings.

Be sure to shake well before sprinkling on to your food.


Gather up your Ingredients:

1 T Black sesame seeds, dried

1 T Regular sesame seeds, dried

1 T Black poppy seeds, dried

1/4 t Red Pepper flakes, dried

1/4 t Onion flakes, dried

1/4 t Garlic flakes, dried

1/4 t Celery seeds


Mix it up:

Thoroughly mix with a whisk or fork.


Spice up your life in many ways:

-Use this delicious mix of spices for sprinkling onto bagels, of course, after schmearing them with cream cheese.

-Sprinkle on burgers or mix into the beef before forming your burger.

-Sprinkle on the inside of your next grilled cheese sandwich.

-Rub it into chicken before baking. Keep the temperature at 350 or below so as not to burn the spices.

-Add it to your homemade soups…or to perk up those bland canned soups.

-Carry a sprinkle container in your car and add to burgers at the drive-thru.

-Sprinkle it on hot fries or potato wedges.

-Sprinkle it onto your next fish sandwich at the drive-thru.

-How about sprinkling on top of hot buttered popcorn?

-These are just a few ways to use my Everything Bagels Spice Mix. Try your own concoctions for a spicier life and “Bake your own Memories!”

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