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TIPS AND TRICKS - Shake, Shake, Shake!...those hard kernels out of the microwave popcorn bag

Hate getting hard kernels mixed in with your nice fluffy buttery microwave popcorn? If you've ever bitten down on one of those things, you know how uncomfortable that can be...or you can even crack a tooth. You'll definitely want to learn this tip to help prevent that problem.

You've seen the slit on the top of the microwave bag, with instructions to pull apart to unleash all those tasty kernels. They make it convenient so you can grab it by both sides and pull it all the way apart to unlock those puffy tasty kernels.

But, don't pull it all the way open. Just pull it a little so about 2" of the slit is open.

Then turn it upside down and shake, shake, shake to drop those hard little kernels out of the bag into a bowl. It's surprising how many can pop out.

Then, open the slit all the way to unleash all the buttery kernels. It's that easy!

Enjoy your popcorn with family around your favorite movie and, "Bake your own Memories!"

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