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Remake that BORING Tuna Sandwich!

If your family is tired of that boring mayo and tuna sandwich, here’s how you can jazz it up conservatively or HEAT IT UP!

I love tuna sandwiches, but I’m just really tired of that old-fashioned mayo, tomato and pickle sandwich. Here’s how you can add more flavors and get your family to WANT IT AGAIN! Best of all, it’s an easy to whip together some quick sandwiches for a hungry family or as an afternoon hors de oeuvres.

First of all, what are they’re favorite flavors? Do they like heat? Mellow herbs? Spicy but not hot? Bright and clean flavors? How about a tuna casserole turned into a hot sandwich? Or a tuna cheese melt made into a grilled cheese sandwich? Try some of these ideas with your special people. I’ll develop the hot sandwiches on another day, but first things first…here’s the Tuna Dill Dip Sandwich I developed just yesterday.

Tuna turned Dill Dip Sandwich with veggies on the side:

If you like dill dip with veggies, you’ll like this newer version of my old fashioned tuna salad sandwich. Mom always made tuna with Miracle Whip, onions, sometimes chopped celery, with dill pickles on the side. My hubby makes his tuna with mayo. I personally like the combination of mayo and Miracle Whip for my tuna sandwich. But the other day I was tasting something different. Then I spied my homemade dill dip in the refrigerator. Why not combine all three creamy spreads with tuna? So, I did.

Gather up your Tuna Dill Dip Sandwich Ingredients:

4.5 oz can Tuna, white albacore, in water

2 T Mayonnaise

2 T Miracle Whip

2 T Sour cream

2 t Dill weed, dried (or 1 t fresh)

2 T Sweet relish (I like Heinz)

1 Dill pickle (4” long), HOMEMADE, diced

1 t Lemon juice, fresh

Paprika sprinkles

Pepper slices, yellow and red (optional)

6 slices Cranberry Walnut Bread, crusty (or your favorite crusty bread)

Heat up that sandwich with these options:

1 Jalapeño pepper, cleaned, seeded and diced or sliced

1 t Cayenne pepper spice

Set up your Sandwiches:

- For an afternoon hors de oeuvres tray, toast the Cranberry Walnut Bread and break each slice into 4-5 chunks, and let cool. I love what crusty breads like this one bring to the table, pun intended.

- For regular sandwiches, leave the bread untoasted or toast it.

- Open the can of tuna and break up the chunks into a medium bowl.

- Dice the homemade pickle and stir in.

- Add all the rest of the items (except the Paprika and pepper slices) and stir all together so everything is well combined.

- If you like your tuna a little moister or looser, add a little more Miracle Whip or mayo.

- Sprinkle the Paprika over the top.

- Let the tuna set for an hour in the refrigerator so the dried dill weed can be infused into the mixture. If you are using fresh dill weed, feel free to serve it right away.

- I like to use the tuna mixture as a spread to make three 2-slice sandwiches or as 4 open face sandwiches. My favorite is to use the tuna as an hors de oeuvres spread on the toast points with my coffee. With fresh veggies, pickle spears and fresh fruit on the side, it’s an entire meal!

- Garnish your sandwiches with more sliced pickles or pickle chips, fresh fruit, etc.

- Use these ideas and remake the tuna sandwich as you and your family enjoy it the most.

It’s fun to remake an old family favorite, especially with all the different fresh and prepared foods, herbs and spices that are available today. So, why not take advantage of them and update some of those old recipes. Whichever direction you to with your recipe remakes, have fun and “Bake your own Memories!”

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