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PBJ and Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich – It’s National PB Day!

How else should we celebrate National Peanut Butter Day than with a brand-new PBJ & Bacon grilled cheese sandwich? It’s big enough to share!

I don't remember Mom ever making a grilled cheese sandwich much less a PBJ and Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Since she definitely disliked cheese I'm sure she never did...but she loved peanut butter. I like both, thus my new recipe.

This double sized National PB Day is especially delicious with peanut butter sandwiched in between bacon, blueberry jelly, fresh blueberries, cream cheese and more peanut butter. Big enough to share, this grilled treat is a cavalcade of flavors that never stops, starting with your favorite peanut butter - I prefer creamy. It’s a gooey lip-smacking mixture of blueberry jelly, more peanut butter, 4 slices of bacon, 4 slices of grilled toast and blueberry cream cheese. The flavors travel from salty to sweet to rustic peanut butter. Every bite has a separate flavor, yet a combination of sweetness.

It’s one of the easiest sandwiches to assemble and grill – and very easy to flip since everything sticks to itself inside the sandwich. The construction is straight forward. Spread and assemble everything and get grilling.

Prepare your pan:

Heat up an 8” – 10” fry pan on medium to medium low heat to start frying your bacon.


4 Bacon slices, thick, fried crispy

2 T Butter, softened

4 White bread slices (or whole wheat or cinnamon)

4 T Peanut butter, creamy or crunchy

2 T Blueberry jelly

1 T Cream cheese, blueberry

¼ C Blueberries, fresh

Begin the trip to Peanut Butter heaven:

- Fry the bacon on both sides until fairly crisp and drain on paper towels. Set aside.

- Add 2 t butter to the bacon fat in the fry pan for grilling your sandwiches.

- Spread Peanut butter on one side of the first slice of bread.

- Spread Blueberry jelly on one side of the second slice of bread.

- Lay both of the slices of bread plain side down (no butter on the bread since there’s plenty of fat already in the pan) into the fry pan.

- Lay 2 slices of crispy bacon on each slice in the pan.

- Butter one side each of the last two slices of bread and lay them, plain side down, on top of the two slices in the pan. Now you technically have two grilled cheese sandwiches to brown.

- When the bottom slices have browned to perfection, flip both grilled cheese sandwiches to brown the other side.

- Spread one of the top browned slices with blueberry cream cheese and jelly. Sprinkle with fresh blueberries. On the other slice, spread more peanut butter.

- When the second bottom slices of both sandwiches have browned to perfection, flip one onto the top of the other so you have ONE tall multi-layered grilled PBJ Bacon and Cheese sandwich.

- Now that both outside bread sides have browned, take out of pan and allow sandwich to set a few minutes on a cutting board before slicing. Cut with a long-serrated knife. Enjoy with a tall sip of milk.

If you love peanut butter and jelly, this grilled sandwich is the ultimate spread of flavors. It’s an easy one to substitute other types of cheese or jellies or jam. It’s a beautiful way to “Bake your own Memories!”

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