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Chill out with easy Chili

Football season begins Chili season!

There's nothing better than sitting down with a hot bowl of chili to watch a football game on tv on a cool fall day. For this 8 serving chili recipe, get your can opener ready for this easy to make meal anytime in the fall and winter. When I see these special cans of beans, diced tomatoes, and clamato juice in the pantry, I know my hubby is getting ready to make chili as soon as the temps go south. This is one of the easiest recipes I have never made. Doug is always in charge of making chili. The toughest part of it is the mere 30 seconds needed to crank open the cans, especially when we don't even own an electric can opener. The "sweat" you create opening these two cans is a perfect way to get warmed up for a hot bowl of his chili along with a grilled cheese sandwich.

This can be a one pot prep for a busy family. Just fry up the hamburger in a saucepan and then add the other items as directed below. And, store the leftover chili in the same covered pan in the fridge. That way you have less to clean up and less arguing about who has to do this easy cleanup.

Stir up the Chili:

1 LB Ground beef

1 Onion, diced

1 Can Bush's Chili Magic, Mild, 15 oz.

1 Can Tomatoes, 14oz. diced in the can

1 Container Clamato juice (15-32 oz)

- First brown the ground beef in a large sauce pan. We like to use the 10-15% fat ground beef for this recipe. Because it has a little more fat, it gives the chili more flavor. But, it's really your decision which ratio fat to beef you like best.

- Add the diced onions and cook until they are translucent.

- Open the cans of Bush's Chili Magic and add the beans. My hubby insists on this brand - he will not use any other brand, and I agree with him. Plus, it's a local manufacturer of the best baked beans in the world! I love supporting locals.

- Open the can of diced tomatoes and add to the mixture.

- For the clamato juice, you'll add enough to make it the thickness you like. Clamato juice is a full bodied tomato juice with so many herbs and spices in it that you don't really need to add any others or any additional salt. My hubby adds about 1/2 of a 32 oz jar for the thickness we prefer. It can be found in mild or spicy; we enjoy the mild version.

- Simmer for about 20 minutes and serve. It makes about 8 healthy servings. Truly a meal in itself.

Serving and toppings:

- How hot do you like your chili? My husband enjoys his chili in a good sized bowl accompanied by a little bottle of hot sauce. He shakes a few drops in, tastes it and then shakes a few more drops in it. I, on the other hand, like it just fine as the mild version. Other people like to add hot peppers. You bring the heat up to where you like it.

- I like my chili on the milder side and enjoy cheddar cheese fresh shredded on top and a little sour cream on the side. - Crackers? I enjoy those nicely seasoned crackers - no particular flavor, just whatever I have in the pantry. I don't crumble crackers into my chili. I like my crackers on the side.

And, if you added too much hot sauce, just spread a little cream cheese on your crackers to put out the heat.

Or, how about Honey Whole Wheat Bread on the side with cream cheese and honey slathered on top? The coolness of the cream cheese is pretty yummy with chili!

This recipe is all all about east of prep and cleanup plus taste. You and your family know what you like best. HOwever you flavor it, "Bake your own Memories!"

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