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Easy Potato Italian Sausage Soup

Good potatoes are usually plentiful in the fall and winter. So, try this easy to make Potato Sweet Italian Sausage Soup next time you need something filling, nutritious and easy to make. I have included sweet Italian sausage, carrots, potatoes, celery and onion. But, if you have other veggies that you like better, clean, dice and add them to sauté before you add the water or broth. Kale is a good choice as are rutabagas, sweet potatoes, and even green beans. The more veggies you add, the more nutrition you’ll get.

This has to be one of the easiest soups, with excellent flavors. I’ve made variations of this soup many times, adding whatever is in my pantry or whatever looks good or is on sale in the produce section at the grocery store. Just follow the easy directions and let simmer until done. Yum!

Adding canned veggies is another option. Just remember that fresh is usually better for you since there is no added salt or any added calories. Frozen veggies usually do not contain all that sale, tec. But, either way, they are both easy and faster way to make into a delicious soup, with lots of nutrition.

Look at the colors of the veggies for a more colorful soup. (Bland is boring.) Mom always said that usually the darker or brighter veggies have more nutrition.

This recipe makes 4 healthy sized servings.

Prepare your pan:

Use a good-sized sauce pan, or soup pan, about a 4 quart size.

Gather up your Ingredients:

2 T Olive oil, extra virgin

1-2 Italian sausages, each about 6” long, without casing.

½ Onion, peeled and diced

2 Celery stalks, cleaned and diced

3 Potatoes, medium, cleaned & cubed

2 Carrots, cleaned, peeled and diced

6 C Water, or 6 C chicken or beef broth

Salt and pepper to taste

Dice and Cook:

- Drizzle the extra virgin olive oil in the saucepan on the stovetop and set the heat for medium.

- Take the casing off the Italian sausages. Break up and fry in the saucepan until browned.

- Scoop out the sausage and set aside in a small bowl. Don’t snitch!

- In the same saucepan on medium heat, sauté the diced onion and celery until translucent.

- Add the diced carrots and potatoes. The potatoes should be diced into 1” cubes. I like to leave the skins but if you prefer otherwise, go ahead.

- Stir periodically and let the potatoes get golden brown. This could take about 5 minutes.

- Add the water or broth and let the soup simmer for 30-45 minutes. Mom never used broth, but did use bouillon cubes with water. I omit both the bouillon and broth in order to cut back on the salt content.

- Take off the burner and serve with crusty bread and butter and cheese or salad.

Make it a creamy soup?

- If you like a creamy soup, just before serving, add a half cup of heavy cream or milk and ½ cup of hand shredded of your favorite meltable cheese.

- I stay away from the pre-shredded cheeses since they also include another ingredient that keeps the cheese from sticking together in the packaging. Therefore, it does not always melt very well in a liquid such as soup. Cheese that you shred on the spot will melt much better.

- Keep in mind that if you add cream and cheeses to this soup, you are adding many more calories. It’s your choice.

How about pasta or barley?

- My hubby likes barley in a soup like this. Just add the barley after you've added the water and simmer until it's done. Check the barley package for the amount of time.

- When I add pasta, I use a half cup of a dried medium sized noodle. Cook it up separate from the soup according to package directions. When the soup is done, add the pasta and stir to combine.

Serve it up:

- Add a tablespoon of cheese on top if you like a little extra flavor.

- Croutons make a nice addition on top, too.

This soup makes for a nice light lunch or served alongside a sandwich for more depth. I’ve been known to serve grilled 3-cheese sandwiches with it or a tossed salad, pasta salad, etc. Add the sides that you and your besties like the most. However you serve it, “Bake your own Memories!”

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