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De!icious Dulce Bourbon Pecan Coffee Treat

De!icious Dulce Bourbon Pecan Coffee. What a treat for Christmas!

You will love the decadence of this De!icious Dulce Bourbon Pecan Coffee Treat. It is over the top!

Take a break from your busy day and sit down to thoroughly savor this De!icious Dulce Bourbon Pecan Coffee. This is just for you, to sip and take in the aroma for complete relaxation.

It’s so smooth and decadent with Dulce De Leche (caramel) pecan sauce, bourbon and hot coffee. A delicious velvety mouthful of flavors. You control the amount of bourbon or omit it altogether. Either way it’s a delicious warm cozy treat for a cool fall or winter day, especially when you top it with whipped cream and a few pecan pieces.

This treat only takes a few minutes minute to make. Just line up your ingredients, heat your coffee, mix, sit down in your favorite comfy chair…and enjoy with your favorite music!

You’ll enjoy it even more when you think about how much money you’re saving by crafting it yourself instead of ordering it in a coffee shop, plus tip. That alone makes me feel comfy and cozy.

Enjoy it with one of my Pecan Bourbon Chocolate Pie Bars in the Christmas section in my blog. They are a de!icious combo for this liquid treat.

This recipe covers a 16 oz serving for one. Double it or split the finished drink in half to share.

Prep your coffee maker according to manufacturer's directions. I use a hot coffee press which only takes 2-3 minutes to brew to my tastes. It's the best!

Gather your Ingredients:

14 oz cup Hot coffee, fresh

1 T Dulce del leche caramel sauce, heaping

1 T Bourbon, your favorite brand

¼ t Vanilla extract

Healthy squirt of Whipped Cream

Pecans for garnish

Make and mix your just for you Treat:

- Make your hot coffee, freshly made is best. I have noticed that reheated coffee delivers a more bitter taste. I like to use my decaf Vanilla Crème Brulee flavored coffee beans. For the freshest flavors, I grind my beans and make it into fresh coffee. It has a great base flavor of vanilla that pairs well with bourbon, pecans and caramel.

- Stir in the Dulce Del Leche thoroughly.

- Add the bourbon and vanilla extract and stir in. If you prefer brandy or whiskey, go ahead and try it.

- Squirt whipped cream on top and garnish with pecan pieces.

- Sit down and enjoy!

Don’t have Dulce Del Leche? NO worries.

- If you don’t have or do not have access to Dulce Del Leche, use a nice thick caramel sauce that you might use on ice cream.

- What I like about the Dulce Del Leche is that is not so sicky sweet like the sauces that are available for drizzling on ice cream. Dulce Del Leche has just the right thickness and sweetness for this hot coffee treat.

Try it with Maple Syrup:

- If you don’t care for bourbon but want savor a special flavor, add a tablespoon of maple syrup and ¼ t maple extract to your hot coffee in place of the Dulce Del Leche.

- Complete with a squirt of whipped cream and enjoy it with a chocolate covered maple flavored caramel. Mmmm…mmm…mmm!

Warm cozy drinks are a favorite with many for the holidays or on any cool fall or bitter winter day. Enjoy this one by yourself or with a best friend, and “Bake your own Memories!”

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