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Chocolate Ice Cream Eggnog Dessert in a Glass

Got leftover eggnog from the holidays? Don’t throw it away! Turn it into a delicious chocolate dessert...a cocktail-mocktail. This dessert is actually worth going out to buy a quart of good eggnog. I randomly found one by Southern Comfort in the refrigerator section - it's a non-alcoholic version.

Of course, some people simply do not like eggnog, and neither did I until I made my delicious new Chocolate Eggnog Cheesecake last week. This special drinkable creation is a special “sip-able” chocolate eggnog dessert in a glass. It’s my Chocolate Ice Cream Eggnog Cocktail-Mocktail. Or, is it a chocolate eggnog shake? And, what if I added malt to my mix? The luscious possibilities are endless. 

No matter what you call it, this turns out to be a deliciously cool dessert in a glass during what we term one of the warmest Christmases we’ve ever had in Wisconsin. By this time of the year, we’re already used to some pretty bone-chilling weather with a foot or more of snow on the ground and snowshoes on our feet.

Today from my kitchen window I can still see green (dull as it may be, but it’s still green) grass and absolutely none of the white stuff. So, instead of hot chocolate or a hot café mocha in my hand, I have chosen a cool blended Chocolate Ice Cream Eggnog Cocktail-Mocktail dessert in a glass. It’s so refreshing and the chocolate ice cream blends well with the eggnog flavor. Plus, I can add all the nutmeg that I like.


This recipe favors 3-4 glasses of the mocktail-cocktail.

Have 4 glasses ready, large bucket highballs. 

Gather up your Ingredients:

1 C Eggnog

½ Quart Chocolate Ice Cream, softened

1/3 C Bourbon, Dark Rum or Brandy

3 T Heavy cream

1 t Vanilla extract

Sprinkles Nutmeg           

Spray can of Whipped cream, or homemade

3-4 Scoops Chocolate ice cream, extra for topping

Chocolate and/or caramel syrup


Blend it all together:

-Mix all in the blender (except the whipped cream and 3-4 scoops ice cream) until fairly smooth.

-Pour and split between 3-4 glasses, filling them ¾ full. Leave enough room to plop in a scoop of ice cream and some other treats as you finish creating this dessert.

-Spray some whipped cream on top.

-Plop 1 scoop ice cream into each glass.

-Spray more whipped cream on top.

-Sprinkle some nutmeg on top if you desire.

-Drizzle chocolate syrup and/or caramel sauce on top.

-Add colorful sprinkles on top.

-Stick a couple of Christmas cookies on top.

-Or, stick some holiday chocolates with a skewer and plant them as special garnishes.

-Serve with cinnamon sticks or candy canes.


This Chocolate Ice Cream Eggnog Cocktail-Mocktail is a fun and easy one to make. Just blend, assemble and serve. No matter who you enjoy your cocktail-mocktail with, “Bake your own Memories!”

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