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10 EASY Christmas and Holiday Shipping Tips

Take the hassle out of shipping holiday packages – SHIP EARLY!

1.) SHIP EARLY! The longer you wait, the more apt there is to be a problem like a late arrival of your packages. And avoid those last minute lines. I have better things to do than stand in line.

2.) Track your packages with an app through your shipper. It’s easy to track them and see when they arrive. You can even let your recipients know when they should arrive so they can keep an eye on their front door.

3.) Use real shipping tape. Don’t take the chance of packages falling apart before they get to their destination. Stay away from using cheap, narrow tape when you seal packages for shipping.

4.) Get a good scale for weighing your packages. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but if you’re shipping a lot of packages this is a good investment. I also use it for weighing food (when a recipe calls for weight instead of volume, etc.) You’ll have a better idea ahead of time what you’ll be spending at the shipping store.

5.) Pack your packages properly. Put padding where it counts the most. Many local shipping stores help with the packing, but keep in mind that there may be a fee. I've even asked their opinion which has saved me a number of times. When we used to ship packages to my brother in Vietnam, we used to pack salted popcorn around the fragile items, as a special treat. Sometimes the popcorn was still good enough to eat, other times it was a little too humid.

6.) Reuse the padded packaging products and envelopes. They come in so many sizes and they're easy to store. I reuse the padded envelopes for my holiday stained glass hanging ornaments and window ornaments. But, if you’re shipping something in them, be sure to remove all the old shipping labels so there's no mistake as to where they should be shipped this time.

8.) Quit using scissors to open boxes. Invest in a good box cutter to safely cut the packages open.

9.) Add another label inside the package. Include the sender’s name and address as well as where the package is being shipped to. That’s in case the label on the outside accidentally gets torn off.

10.) And, if you're shipping food, make sure it's properly packed. For instance, if you're shipping a cake, avoid frosting it. Instead, include the frosting in a sealed unbreakable jar or in a piping bag in a sealable plastic bag, along with a supply of cake candles, holiday sprinkles, candy chips, etc. for decoration. Check out the food safe shipping containers and partitioned containers for specific foods like Bundt cakes, etc. I avoid shipping anything that needs refrigeration or is quickly perishable.

I’ll say it again – SHIP EARLY! And, have a wonderful holiday season! Bake your own Memories!

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