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You Scream I Scream for National Strawberry Day!

Ice cream and fresh Strawberries. What a sweet way to celebrate National Strawberry Day on February 27 (BUT we can celebrate any day of the year!) than with a delicious Strawberry Waffle Dish Ice Cream Sundae topped with fresh berries, strawberry coffee cake, colorful sprinkles and other sweet additions! This sundae celebrates strawberries but you can certainly add cute little treats.

Create a colorful decadent dessert for you and your favorite people. Scoop your favorite ice cream flavors. Sprinkle different shapes and colors. Mix other colorful fruit with your strawberries. Drizzle your favorite favorite flavors. Spray store bought or glop homemade whipped cream on top. Top it with a huge strawberry.

This Strawberry Waffle Dish Ice Cream dessert is not too far out of the realm of sundaes, but you can certainly add much more if you like. There's no limit to what you can do. Think about what you can add and how much of it - what's in your pantry? Or you can make a huge stack of ice cream scoops in one waffle bowl and share it with your bestie. Add two spoons.

Think about other flavors and textures you'd like to place in, on or around your sundae. If you don't have any strawberries, check the pantry for pop tarts. Check your pantry for other items. How about flavored cereals? Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs add some tasty flavors and fun colors. Cinnamon or honey flavored Cheerios add a special accent flavor.

This recipe is for two:

Of course, you can easily increase this recipe to serve more.

Gather up your Ingredients:

2 Waffle bowls

4 -6 Scoops Ice cream, your favorite flavors

4 Squares Strawberry bars

2 T Strawberry jam

Chocolate or Strawberry syrup, optional

Whipped cream, optional

Spring Sprinkles

4 Strawberries, cleaned

Scoop up your Strawberry Waffle Sundaes:

Set the waffle bowls onto small plates.

Set a strawberry bar in the bottom.

Scoop the ice cream into the waffle bowls.

Cut squares of homemade or store bought strawberry flavored bars in half and place two halves on top or on the sides of the ice cream.

Drape the strawberry jam around the ice cream scoops.

Drizzle chocolate or strawberry sauce on top.

Top with whipped cream.

Then more chocolate or strawberry sauce.

Sprinkle spring sprinkles on top.

Slice the strawberries without slicing all the way through. Splay them around the outside bottom of the waffle bowls.


Options for garnishes:

-The sky is the limit!

-Make an excursion to a local candy specialty store to search for unique sprinkles and colorful candies to expand the color palate on your sundae. Take the kids to help expand your creativity with gummies, pop rocks, and other fun shapes and colors.

-Make our own personalized sprinkles with quick drying icing or candy melts. It's easy to pipe little shapes out of a corner-cut sealable plastic bag onto parchment paper. Let cool on the paper or place in the refrigerator to harden faster.

-Pipe and write the name of your special someone or fun designs from candy melts poured into a sealable plastic bag. --Write the name or names onto parchment paper, waxed paper or foil. Peal off when they're dried and perch on top of your beautiful sundae. To solidify them faster, place in the refrigerator on a pan for a few minutes.

This is a fun project that would be fun to do WITH your bestie or the kids. Line up all the ingredients in separate bowls and let the creativity flow! You may even want to cover your table with a color seasonal plastic table cloth for easier cleanup. However you make your Strawberry Waffle Dish Ice Cream Sundae, make it fun and with your best friends and family to "Bake your own Memories!"

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