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Sweetheart Pizza for Two - It's National Pizza Day!

"14 Days of Angels Baking Valentine Memories!"

It's National Pizza Day! Celebrate on February 9 with a Sweetheart Pizza for Two, in the shape of a heart.

You don't have to wait for National Pizza to celebrate with homemade pizza. We make it quite often - for two.

So, surprise your Sweetheart with a heart-shaped homemade pizza for one or two. Or, surprise your family with individual heart shaped pizzas for everyone with their favorite toppings.

Make enough of these fun small pizzas to accommodate a family of kids! Add more premade pizza crusts and toppings to the grocery list and set up an assembly line for the kids to help make the pizzas.

It’s extra easy when you use a premade pizza crust. If you’re handy with a pencil and scissors, it’s especially easy to create a heart shaped pattern out of paper or even parchment paper like we line our baking sheets with. Maybe the older kids can be assigned to the task of drawing and cutting paper hearts to use to create the heart-shaped pizza crusts.

Remember in grade school art or craft class when you’d make hearts for Valentine’s Day? The teacher would show us how to fold a sheet of paper and then cut a half heart. When the teacher unfolded the paper, a perfect heart shape would appear. You can use that same skill to make a heart-shaped pizza.

This is something that’s easy enough for the kids to help with, spreading pizza sauce, arranging pepperoni, peppers, sausage and pizza pearls.

If you’d like to make your own favorite pizza dough into a crust, just shape it like a heart and you’re ready to decorate it with the toppings.

One 6”- 9” pizza usually makes one personal pizza. Make larger ones for larger crowds.

Preheat your oven to 460F degrees or according to the package directions if you are using a premade pizza crust.

Prep your baking sheet:

Line it with parchment paper or cornmeal so the crust doesn’t stick to the pan.

My Sweetheart Pizza Ingredients:

1 Pizza crust, premade, 6” round, cut into heart shape (or make your own)

2 T Pizza sauce

8 Pepperoni slices

¼ C Italian sausage, uncooked

10 Olives with pimento, cut in half

2 T Red pepper, sweet, diced

10-12 Mozzarella cheese pearls (or ¼ C shredded)

Construct and assemble your Sweetheart Pizza:

- Preheat your oven to 460F degrees, or according to the package with your pizza crust.

If you’re making a slew of pizzas for adults and kids, get them involved to help out. Set up an assembly line, assigning a task to each kid, and make it a fun event.

- Trim your premade pizza crust into a heart shape, using a paper heart as a pattern, and place on pizza baking sheet.

- Spread pizza sauce on top of pizza crust.

- Arrange pepperoni, sausage and diced red sweet pepper or other toppings on top of your favorite pizza sauce.

- Place Mozzarella pearls on pizza.

- Don’t over do it with the toppings or the meat may not bake all through or toppings could slide off the pizza crust during baking if they’re piled too high on a small pizza.

We usually bake our little pizzas for 10-12 minutes, depending on how done we each like them. Be sure to practice safety around the oven if you have kiddos helping out in the kitchen.

Add an ice cream lineup of different flavors along with waffle cones, sprinkles and drizzly sauces for a perfect end to a Valentine’s meal. (This recipe for cut-out cookies that look like waffle ice cream cones will be on my blog yet this month! YUMMMMMY!!)

This type of pizza is super easy to make and adds a little fun to any Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the day and “Bake your own Memories!”

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