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Show Off Your Chips! Flaunt them!

Don't hide your chocolate chips when you bake cookies. Show them off! Be proud and put them right up front where chocolate chip lovers can see them. Make your chocolate chip cookies even more beautiful than they are. Get those chips on top out in the open air where they belong.

Chocolate chips are not getting any cheaper, so let people know your cookies are loaded with chips, whether they be chocolate, butterscotch, mint, caramel, peanut butter, white, or even mini-marshmallows, Oreos, caramels, M&Ms or other candies. Pretty them up by adding the chips on top of the cookies so people can immediately see them.

Have you ever wondered how many bakers’ cookies look so beautiful with loads of chips on top of the cookies? How do they do that? They put them on top! And here are a few easy ways to make your cookies look even better than usual without using more chips. If you want to add more chips, go for it. Your family and friends will love your cookies even more than they do now.

Show Off Your Chips:

Option 1:

- When you mix up your chocolate chip cookie dough, just add half of the called for amount of chips to the dough. Put the rest of the chips in a cup. (Or, put ALL the chips in the cookie dough and place extra chips into a cup.)

- As you roll your first cookie dough ball, press it into the cup of chips, pulling it out with chips stuck on one side.

- Flatten the cookie a little just to assure the chips are pressed into the dough ball and so they won’t fall off.

- Repeat making the rest of your cookie dough balls and pressing each one into the cup of chips. You can leave the chips extra thick on top of the dough balls, or pull some off if you think there are too many. Remember that they will spread out as the cookies bake.

- Place each chip top-covered dough ball onto your baking sheet and bake as directed in your recipe. Place the chip side up.

- While the cookies bake, the chips will spread out as the dough ball flattens. It’s magic! They look SO good – good enough to gobble up as soon as they are cool enough.

- This is the process I use since the chips look like they are added randomly. I add all the chips into the dough and then add more in a cup to dip the dough balls into. Sometimes I mix the chips on top, i.e., chocolate and butterscotch or mint mixed in the cup to press on top.

- If you’re unsure how they will come out in the end, bake test one or two cookies before you bake the entire quantity.

Option 2:

- Roll all of your cookie dough balls and place on the baking sheets.

- Flatten each just a little and place chips individually by hand onto each dough ball.

- Bake as directed in your recipe and again, the chips spread out as the cookies bake.

- This option may take a little longer, since you are applying the chips individually.

Option 3: What if my cookie dough balls are frozen? No problem.

- Just let the cookie dough balls thaw about 15 minutes on the baking sheet so they soften a bit. If they are frozen it will be harder to get the chips to stick to the dough.

- Just like in Option One, place your chocolate chips into a cup and press each cookie dough ball to collect chips onto one side of the cookie so the chips are placed randomly. Flatten the dough balls a little to help press the chips into the dough.

- Or, thaw the cookie dough balls a little longer and place the chips individually onto one side of the cookie dough balls.

- Bake as directed in your recipe, adding a minute or two if they are not done after the originally allotted time.

- Place on the baking sheets and bake as directed on your recipe.

I get so many compliments on my chocolate chip cookies when I make them this way. It’s all about pleasing the chocolate chip cookie consumer with a beautiful and tasty cookie. However you like to show off your chips, “Bake your own Memories!”

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