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S'mores Charcuterie (Gram's) Basket - more choices for this popular summer treat!

Dedicated to Gram and National S’mores Day, August 10. This is fun to put together. It’s a S’mores Charcuterie Basket!

Set it up by choosing a variety of items to make your s’mores this summer. Some of the items you may already have in your pantry and others can be found in most grocery stores, specialty gift shops or candy shops.

You may notice this is set up as a basket, not a board, with large cookie cutters to hold the many individual sweet treats for the s’mores. In fact, the basket is one of my Gram’s baskets…made completely from pine needles and woven together with special threads. I have absolutely no idea how old the basket is, but when I was a child, I remember Gram always had it within easy reach of her treadle (foot pedal operated) sewing machine. It was usually loaded up

with threads, scissors, pins and other notions to keep handy for sewing. I loved examining the basket to see how the hundreds of pine needles were woven into the intricate design. I don’t know if Gram made it, but knowing how thoroughly talented she was, I am positive that she could have easily made it. Today her basket is the perfect size to hold sweet treats for our s’mores.

Gather up your Ingredients:

Find a basket, pan, bowl or other special container to hold the sweet treats for making your s’mores.

Collect items from your own pantry or shop local grocery stores or gift shops for special treats to include in your s’mores. Here are just a few ideas:

- Graham crackers

- Chocolate covered graham crackers

- Try different flavored cookies – vanilla, butter, chocolate and other flavors

- Teddy Grahams

- Mini- or regular sized marshmallows

- Special colored or flavored marshmallows

- Chocolate stuffed marshmallows

- Chocolate bars and vanilla flavored bars

- Different flavors of mini-candy bars

- Raisins

- Chocolate covered dried cherries

- Chocolate covered dried blueberries

- Other dried fruits, chopped up

- Truffles

- Jams

- Caramel sauces

- Lemon curd sauce

- Hazelnut chocolate spreads

- Peanut butter

- Tootsie Rolls, chopped up

- Flavored honey, lavender, etc.

- Pretzels for the saltiness

- Potato Chips, plain or flavored

- Gummy bears

- Sour Patch Kids

- Sweet Tarts, pulverized and sprinkled on top

- Lollipops chopped up and sprinkled inside

- Flavored sugars

- And, don’t forget colorful SPRINKLES!

Layer your S’mores:

- Roast the marshmallows as you normally would.

- Layer your chocolate or other sweet treats onto the bottom graham cracker.

- Next, slide the roasted marshmallow onto the base.

- Add more sweet treats on top.

- Then plop your cracker or cookie on top and enjoy!

- Or make a double decker by adding more sweet treats, another roasted marshmallow and another cookie on top. YUM! What a mouthful stuffed with a huge sugar overload!

Preparing a S’mores Charcuterie Basket can be fun for your kids to design. Find out what their favorite flavors are and accommodate some of those off the wall tastes. You may be surprised what flavors taste great together!

However you set up your S’mores Charcuterie Basket, make it fun and “Bake your own Memories!”

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