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NO BAKE Shortcut Strawberry Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies

“14 Days of Angels Baking Valentine Memories!” Or for Strawberry Season...

You can make these Shortcut Strawberry Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies in one part of an afternoon...without doing any baking... and they only use 3 ingredients.

It's a fun cookie project the kids can help with! There is no baking and your entire family can join in the fun to assemble platters of cookie sandwiches to share with family, friends and neighbors. Or, donate some to a local shelter or community table for a Valentine’s Day meal or any time of the year..

These are the easiest cookies to make because all the parts are already made. There’s no sifting flour or measuring ingredients. No baking. No mess. Pick out your favorite parts at your favorite grocery store and assemble them. I’ve taken all the shortcuts to make them easier for you and your family to make in time for Valentine’s Day.

I call it the “Shortcut Strawberry Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie” recipe. You only need 3 ingredients including already baked chocolate chip cookies, frosting and sprinkles. I use the cookies made with dark chocolate dough to contrast with the pink strawberry frosting to fit in with a Valentine’s décor. But regular chocolate chip cookies work, too. You don’t need to bake any cookies; this recipe calls for already baked. You certainly are encouraged to make your favorite chocolate chip cookies for these sweet treats.

Softer cookies work a little better than hard, crispy ones. The crispy ones tend to squeeze the frosting out the sides when you take a bit. I have also used sugar cookies or even the mini chocolate chip cookies for making itsy bitsy sandwich cookies.

For the sugar sprinkles I usually use the Valentine sprinkles with a variety of round and heart shaped sprinkles. Chocolate jimmies are also pretty with the pink frosting. Use your imagination for combining colors. Sometimes I make do with what colors I might have in the cupboard.

Since these are for a special holiday, I like to use the larger cookies, about 3”-4” in diameter. They are also easy to cut in half to share. They are soooo pretty with the layers of dark chocolate dough and pink frosting. I even serve them surrounded by large luscious fresh strawberries.

This batch makes 18 Shortcut Strawberry Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies. Double or triple the “recipe” for even more fun cookies to make and take to neighbors or the community table.

Prep your pan:

You won’t need a baking pan for cookies in the oven, but a large rimmed baking pan or cake pan helps to corral the sprinkles, when you roll the sandwich cookies.

Here’s what you’ll need:

3 Dz Chocolate-Chocolate Chip cookies, already baked

1 Container of Strawberry flavored frosting

Valentine sugar sprinkles (Optional)

Line up your Ingredients for the assembly line:

Frosting: Make sure your frosting is at room temperature, whether it’s your favorite homemade or store bought.

Cookies: With 18 of the cookies, spread one with a generous portion of the pink frosting on the flat bottom side, using a butter knife or small offset metal spatula. Make sure the frosting is spread all the way out to the edge of the sandwich, and even a little further.

Top the frosted cookie with another cookie so you have a pretty pink and dark chocolate cookie sandwich. Press down just a little bit so some of the frosting sticks out beyond the cookies.

Valentine Sugar Sprinkles: Pour the sprinkles into a wide, low rimmed bowl. Stack the bowl inside a larger rimmed baking pan, to catch any errant sprinkles that might jump out.

Roll the frosted edges of each cookie sandwich in the sprinkles. The overspread frosting should collect enough sprinkles so the sandwiches are well coated. Yum!


I’ve used graham crackers and shortbread and ginger cookies to make sandwich cookies, depending on the occasion or the season. I’ve also piped frosting in between cookies and piped pretty designs over the top of the sandwich, depending on the occasion.

Dipping the sandwiches in chocolate or white melting candies works, too. I freeze the cookies before hand so they won’t fall apart when I dip them. After dipping the sandwiches, you can add sprinkles on top while the chocolate is still wet. Or, pipe frosting designs on top after they have dried.

Have fun making your Shortcut Strawberry Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches and serve with fresh fruit. Enjoy with family and friends or donate to a local community. It’s all about “Baking your own Memories!”

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