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Justine's and Aiya's Roasted Brussel Sprouts Make a Tasty Side for the Holidays - or a Main Entrée.

Day 19 of "25 Days of Angels Baking Christmas Memories!"

There’s absolutely no fat in this dish!

I love roasted Brussel Sprouts and this recipe from two of my Angels, niece Justine and her daughter Aiya, is a delicious side dish to accompany any meat for a family dinner. At age twelve, Aiya has become quite the accomplished cook in their kitchen, making delicious soups and side dishes for her family. This recipe is one of their favorite family sides in the fall and winter. It’s a nice and cozy side dish for a cool day or even as a Christmas Day side.

Usually when I roast vegetables, I add oil. However, Justine and Aiya rely on veggie or mushroom broth for flavor and moisture, so I’m adhering to their personal recommendation. They also add turmeric for some added flavor. And, I love the crispy browned edges this recipe gives the sprouts!

My hubby wanted a variety of veggies tonight so I grabbed what I had in the vegetable drawer - carrots, sweet red and yellow peppers and mushrooms. Everything roasted together very well except the carrots. All the other veggies were done at the same time, but the carrots were a little too crunchy for him. I liked them just fine. Because he's used to having butter on his veggies, that's what he added. There goes the fat content - off the charts!

Leftovers? These veggies are delicious the next day because they are not "roasted to death" or limp. They still have some firmness to them. Warm them up and they are just as good the next day as they were freshly roasted.

This recipe serves 4.

Prepare your pan:

Line a large rimmed oven safe baking pan with two layers of parchment paper. Make sure the parchment paper is oven safe up to at least 425F degrees.

Rustle up your Ingredients:

½ # Brussel sprouts, sliced in half

½ - 1 C Broth, veggie or mushroom

Turmeric to taste

Salt and Pepper to taste

Roast your veggies:

- Clean and cut the Brussel sprouts in half. Some people like to peel off the outside leaves. Put in a bowl and set aside.

- Pour enough broth in the bowl of sprouts and stir to wet them all.

- Sprinkle the turmeric over and stir to combine. You can always add more if you like. -

- Sprinkle a little salt and pepper and stir. You can always add more later if you like.

- Spread the spouts on the parchment lined pan.

- Bake at 425F degrees for 10-15 minutes. Be sure to check at the 10-minute mark due to different ovens and their varying baking temps. Poke a couple of spouts with a fork for tenderness. Not tender enough? Roast them a couple more minutes.

- Serve with your favorite entrée.


- Tonight my hubby and I combined these delicious veggies with a Pineapple Brown Sugar Chicken entrée made in my small slow-cooker. A piece of buttered (no sugar) lefse finished up this dinner. This chicken recipe will be featured in my blog at a later date.

- I love sweet peppers and my hubby wanted a variety of veggies, so I’m roasting my sprouts with red and yellow pepper to add a little Christmas color plus some carrots and mushrooms. Just clean and rough chop the veggies in good sized chunks. Mix them with the sprouts and broth. Spread them on the baking pan with the sprouts and bake as directed above. The peppers add another flavor into this side dish.

- Add other veggies to add variety and color – turnips, celery, multi-colored peppers, sweet potatoes, etc. Have fun with it.

- Add jalapeno pepper for a spicy BITE.

- Try some other herbs and spices to get the flavors you like best.

Get your kids involved:

Prep this easy recipe with your kids or grandkids or nieces or nephews. Let them help clean and prep the veggies, mix the broth with the veggies and spread them in the baking pan so they understand the process. Talk about the importance of having clean hands to prepare food. Let them learn how to measure out spices and taste the herbs. Help them understand the roasting process, to stay safe around a hot oven and how to safely use potholders.

Enjoy your kitchen partnership and “Bake your own Memories!”

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