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I LOVE Sauteed Brussels Sprouts!

I know many people despise these cute little mini-cabbages. But what could be wrong with these tasty little green spheres packed full of vitamins?

They are easy to clean. Easy to sauté in a little butter or extra virgin olive oil. Easy to season. And, Brussel sprouts are easy to combine with other veggies and cozy up alongside just about any meaty entrée. Keep the veggies fresh for better flavors.

Sure, I don’t really care for them just boiled in water and then butter slathered on top. I like them made with a little more interesting seasoning, with other veggie textures. For this recipe I finished them off with Everything Bagel Seasoning. With only 4 ingredients, you can make a dee-lish-us side that any entrée would be proud to sit next to.

I think one reason many people don’t like Brussels sprouts is because they are usually overcooked, limp, mushy and tasteless. I like to them cooked through, but still with a little body to them. Keep them firm for better flavor.


To get started, pick up a bag of Brussels sprouts in the produce department at your favorite grocery store. Some even sell them still on the long, tall stem. If you have the kids along at the store, let them pick out the tallest stem – you could even get 20-40 sprouts on a stem. Then have the kids break them off the stem at home and get ready to cook up a tasty side for almost any meal.


This recipe makes two servings of Brussels sprouts and carrots to accompany a meal of meat and a potato side.


Prepare your sauté pan:

Have an 8-10” fry pan ready on a medium heated stove top burner.


Gather up your Ingredients:

1 T Butter or Extra Virgin Olive Oil

20 Brussels sprouts, cleaned

1 large carrot, cleaned & sliced

Everything Bagels Seasoning 

Get cooking:

-Heat up your 8-10” fry pan and melt a tablespoon of butter or drizzle in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

-Clean the brussels sprouts by cutting off the dried-up bottom end. Then tear off any unsightly little leaves on the outside.

-Clean or peel the carrot and slice it into ¼ inch thick slices.

-Cut the Brussels sprouts in half and lay all flat side down in the heated pan of oil.

-Let sauté for a couple of minutes on medium until they are browned nicely on the flat sides.

-Flip the Brussels sprouts over and add the carrot slices.

-Continue cooking until the carrot slices are cooked but still a little crunchy. By this time the Brussels sprouts will be cooked through. It only takes about 5 minutes total.

-Just before serving shake on the Everything Bagel Seasoning. It’s packed full with sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, garlic powder, dehydrated onion, poppy seeds and some salt. There’s no need to add any other seasonings.

-Of course, you can change it up by substituting the carrots for other veggies like onion slices, colorful pepper chunks or cauliflower florets. I might even make it with a few jalapeno slices for added heat. 

Serve it up:

Serve it up alongside fried pork, a steak or even a hamburger. Sprinkle a little grated parmesan cheese on top if you like. Just make sure you add veggies to your mainstay meat meals. They’re good for you.


However you serve up your Brussels sprouts, make your meal a yummy and nutritional, and “Bake your own Memories!”

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