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Fireball Whiskey Truffles - Hot! Hot! HOT!

White “chocolate” covered Fireball Whiskey Truffles.

Even if you’re not a fan of hot and spicy, once in a while you just need to go for it. These are fun to eat and easy to make. With Fireball Whiskey inside and cinnamon and red hot candies on the outside, you can really get fired up with these spicy truffles. The white candy melt on the outside adds a smoothness to help quench that fire inside. Absolutely NO baking involved!

They are so easy to make! Just mix salty and buttery cracker crumbs with a nice thick caramel sauce and Fireball Whiskey. Then scoop into balls and freeze up for an hour or overnight. Roll the frozen dough balls into smooth balls to make the dipping easier. Freeze them for a few more minutes while you melt the white candy melts. Then dip and let cool on a parchment lined paper. Decorate and refrigerate until you’re ready to serve. They are that easy and quick to make for a crowd to or have on hand at home for a spicy snack. Of course, these are not for children.

This recipe serves up about 24 Fireball Whiskey Truffles.

Prep your pan:

Spread parchment paper onto a large pan.

Chill the pan in the freezer.

Other utensils:

Dipping is best with a special chocolate dipping tool. Otherwise, two forks will do.

Gather up your Ingredients:

¼ C Fireball Whiskey

60- 70 Ritz crackers or similar buttery salty crackers, separated

2/3 C Caramel sauce, thick type

12 oz Ghirardelli melting chocolates, white

2 t Cinnamon, ground and separated

Red Hots candies to decorate, 24-72 pieces

Chocolate candy melts as an option

Make your Fireball Whiskey Truffles:

- In a food processor, puree 60 of the crackers into very fine crumbs.

- Add the caramel sauce and puree again.

- Add 1 teaspoon of the ground cinnamon and puree until completely mixed.

- Puree the Fireball Whiskey into the mixture until completely combined. If the mixture is too loose and runny, add more of the crackers which you will need to finely crush before you add.

- When you have the mixture in a fairly thick batter, scoop small amounts (2 teaspoons in a scoop) into 24 balls onto the parchment paper lined pan. Cover and freeze for an hour or overnight.

- Before dipping the whiskey balls, roll them into smooth balls. Refreeze them until you’re ready to dip.

- When you want to dip the whiskey balls, melt the white candy melts in a microwave bowl according to the package directions.

- Using the dipping utensil, dip each whiskey ball separately and cover with white candy melts on all sides.

- Slide the bottom of the dipping utensil and whiskey ball across the edge of the bowl to clean off any excess white candy melt.

- Drop each ball onto the parchment paper lined pan. I use separate pan with a clean sheet of parchment paper for the freshly dipped whiskey balls.

- Working quickly, sprinkle just a little ground cinnamon on top of the white candy covered whiskey ball. I do this before dipping another whiskey ball. Because the candies have been frozen the white candy coating will turn solid fairly fast.

- Quickly place 1-3 Red Hot candies on top.

- Repeat dipping each whiskey ball into the white candy melts, sprinkle with ground cinnamon and top with a little red hot before moving on to dipping the next whiskey ball.

- NOTE: If a whiskey ball has cooled before you get the cinnamon sprinkled on and the Red Hot in place, just spread a little melted white candy on top of the whiskey ball and garnish them.

- Now you should have about 2 dozen Fireball Whiskey Truffles for a party or for little snacks in the cupboard.

They’re easy to Store:

- If you plan to serve the within a day or two, store them in an airtight container in your refrigerator.

- Need to freeze them? I am sure they will freeze. I have not had the opportunity to freeze/thaw them but will be testing that in the next few days.

Other options:

- Color your white candy melts with red gel food coloring.

- Decorate with Halloween candies, eyeballs, etc.

- Substitute the white candy melts for dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate.

Enjoy with friends!

These are sooooo good! A little spice, a little sweet, a little salty and a little whiskey. With Fireball Whiskey being popular, these are fun truffles to make for a crowd. I figure 2-3 per person and always make extras (a double recipe) just in case. Remember, they are not for children. However you like them, share with friends and "Bake your own Memories!"

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