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Easy Fried Chicken - YES, it's REALLY Easy!

Sit around and relax while this chicken dinner is baking - easy-peasy.

This is probably one of the easiest meals anyone could make, and I mean ANYone. It's a matter of picking up some chicken in your grocer's meat section and some veggies from the frozen section.

At home, preheat the oven to 350F degrees. Open the package of thawed chicken, clean it and dust some flour and herbs on the chicken. Place it in a pan (an oven safe pan, usually one with a metal handle) with extra virgin olive oil, on medium high, fry it with the skin side down until it turns a nice golden brown. Turn it over and fry for just a couple more minutes.

Zip the pan of chicken into the 350F degree oven and bake for 40 minutes. It's done!

In the meantime, a few minutes before your chicken is done baking, put some of the frozen veggies into a microwave bowl and zap it for 60 seconds or so, doing it longer for 20 second intervals until it's done to your taste. Add salt and pepper if you like, and a little butter.

Voila! Your meal is ready! It's perfect every time!

Prepare your oven safe fry pan:

On medium on your stove top, add 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive. Of course, butter or vegetable oil can be substituted.

Preheat your oven: to 350F degrees.


3-4 Pieces of Chicken, legs or thighs. (Breasts will take longer to bake)

3-4 T Flour

1 t Garlic powder

1 t Onion powder

1 t Oregano

1 t Paprika

Frozen Veggies, such as corn, beans, carrots, broccoli.

Mix it up:

- Clean the chicken by taking off any excessive feather leftovers, excess fatty pieces, etc.

- Place the flour and herbs and spices in a sealable plastic bag along with the chicken pieces. I even take off the skin if I want to have a finished chicken dish with much less cholesterol. Of course, you should add the spices or herbs you enjoy the most.

- Seal and shake the bag until the chicken pieces are well coated.

Get frying:

- Make sure your burner is turned to medium or medium high, with the oil in the pan.

- When the oil is well heated, carefully place the chicken in the pan, being careful not to splatter any oil.

- Let the chicken fry on one side until it's golden brown. It will lift off the pan nicely when it's ready.

- Turn the chicken and fry it just a little on the other side.

- Turn off the burner and place the entire oven safe pan in the heated oven, chicken and all, to finish by cooking by baking.

- Set the timer for 40 minutes. Now take a few minutes for yourself to relax.

- At the buzzer, check the chicken for doneness. With thicker pieces like chicken breasts, I leave those in the oven about 15 minutes longer. If I have all the pieces in the oven in the same pan, I'll take out the smaller ones and tent with a large piece of foil on a plate, and wait for the larger pieces to finish.

- Serve your chicken with baked or fried potatoes and vegetables. This is a deliciously easy meal to prepare in just one pan. Enjoy!

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