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!!CAUTION!! Fireball Whiskey Glazed Nuts are ON FIRE!

Day 16 of "25 Days of Angels Baking Christmas Memories"

Get ready for the “bite” in these Fireball Whiskey Glazed Nuts. They are great with cocktails and at parties. They’re great for gift-giving, and best of all, they are EASY to make!

Mix your favorite nuts to make this easy sugar-coated nut recipe. I like to mix almonds, pecans, walnuts and cashews – they combine well with the bite of Fireball Whiskey are easy to glaze. Be sure to use top quality whole or half nuts (pecans and walnuts) for better results. Don’t use pieces or you’ll just end up with a mess.


This makes 6 cups or more, depending on how many other treats you mix in after you've glazed the nuts.

Prep your pans:

- You’ll need a large saucepan to begin with.

- Two large rimmed cookie sheets, parchment paper lined, so they can cool completely.


1-2 T Butter

1/4 C Water

2 C Sugar

2 C Almonds

2 C Pecans

1 Walnuts

1 C Cashews

2 Shots Fireball Whiskey

1 T Cinnamon, ground

Get those nuts cooking:

- Melt the butter over medium heat on the stove

- Add the water and sugar.

- Stir until the mixture bubbles and turns a nice caramel color.

- Remove from heat.

- Add all the nuts and stir to coat and so the nuts are heated through.

- Carefully drizzle the Fireball Whiskey over and stir thoroughly. Be careful because it’s very hot!

- Sprinkle the cinnamon on the mixture and stir to combine.

- Spread on the parchment paper lined cookie sheets so they are in a single layer.

- Cool completely and break the nuts apart.

- Serve in a large holiday festive bowl with a large ladle.

- To add some fun to the big bowl of nuts, I propped the two small plastic Fireball Whiskey bottles on skewers in the large bowl to alert people that there was whiskey in this treat. My husband used a hammer and a nail to poke a single hole in the bottom of each plastic bottle. Then I inserted a bamboo skewer into each of them, after I filled each bottle with red tissue paper. Each bottle “stood” up in the big bowl of nuts for a fun display.

Other serving options:

- Mix holiday colored M&Ms for a chocolatey flavor.

- Add caramel popcorn to give the mixture a little change in texture and color. It’s like a very fancy version of a small boxed caramel corn and peanut mix we used to enjoy as kids.

- Package in cellophane bags tied with a colorful ribbon or twist tie for festive gift-giving.

- Create cones from colorful celebratory papers found in a paper store to match your event theme. Roll the papers into cones and tape the sides. Fill the cones with the nuts and set them in a large bowl alongside other party food favorites. If you want the tops closed, just fold over the points and seal with themed stickers.

- Use brown parchment paper to create cones by cutting squares, folding them in half and rolling into cone shapes. Avoid the tape by twisting the bottoms so the nuts don’t escape.

Fire up your next party with Fireball Whiskey Nuts, and "Bake your own Memories."

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