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Blueberry Pie in a Waffle Cone – two summer favorites in one!

Two things that are on my favorites list…blueberry pie and waffle cones. How can you go through summer without these two delicious treats…and how much better summer can be when you combine them.

Adding ice cream makes this even more special!

This is a FAST and EASY way to put these sweet treats together. Make a blueberry pie from scratch or buy one from your favorite bakery. Purchase some homemade waffle cones from a specialty store or the ice cream section in your favorite hometown grocer. Combine them and enjoy with the kids or favorite friends.


This recipe serves two. 

Line up your Ingredients:

2 Waffle cones or dishes

2 Slices of Blueberry pie

4 Scoops of ice cream

Blueberry jam

Can of whipping cream, or home whipped

Summer Sprinkles 

Assemble your Blueberry Pie Waffle Treat:

-Set out the two waffle cones or dishes.

-Place a healthy slice of pie in each waffle cone.

-Add a couple scoops of your favorite ice cream…vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, etc.

-Squirt out a nice fluffy spray or dollop of whipping cream.

-Garnish with a few candy sprinkles or other sweet treat you’d like to add on top.

-If you’ve made the blueberry pie from scratch you probably have some extra dough that you can bake to add on top.

-Enjoy with a cup of coffee! 

Change up the additions to your summer treat…

-Add strawberry ice cream sauce.

-Add some color with gummies on top.

-Drizzle with caramel sauce.

-Add cute little store-bought cookies on top or some of your favorite homemade.


This summer treat takes such little time to create and share. Whoever you celebrate summer with, “Bake your own Memories!”

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