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Apple Cake in a Mug

Hungry for a little cake, but don't want to make a big one?

Once in a while I get hungry for a little cake, and I mean a little cake, without having to make a regular one that feeds a crowd. This Apple Cake in a Mug lets you have your apple cake and eat it, too, without having to contend wit leftovers.

Prepare 2 microwave safe mugs:

Choose a couple mugs and brush them lightly on the bottom and sides with soft butter.

Apple mixture Ingredients:

1 Apple, large, diced

2 T Butter

2 T Sugar, brown

Pinch of Cinnamon & Pinch of Apple pie spice

1/4 t Vanilla extract

Cake mixture Ingredients:

2/3 C Flour

1/4 t Baking powder

Pinch of Apple pie spice

Pinch of Cinnamon

2 T Butter

In microwave safe bowls:

- Combine all the Apple Mixture ingredients and microwave 10 seconds so apples are not yet tender.

- Combine all the Cake Mixture ingredients in a bowl and split between two of the mugs.

- Into the two mugs, pour the apple mixture, one half in each mug.; Top with another dab of butter and microwave the two mugs for 20 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the strength of your microwave. I usually check it at 30 seconds and cook it more in 15 second increments.

Garnish your mugs for fun!

Garnish with caramel, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallow, whipped cream or whipped cream. If you top it with mini marshmallow, give it a few more seconds in the microwave to puff up the marshmallow.

This is an easy way to enjoy a small version of a larger apple cake without creating more than you need. Enjoy!

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